Puppies are due!

Bix’s pups are due from early January 2020! watch this space Rogue’s last litter is due in late January 2020! Click here for Puppies updates…

We are ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated!…….

GunnBerree has received a five star rating in our recent inspection. We are a 5 star council approved breeder.  Our Council license number is 152017

Rouge is confirmed in Pup!

Rouge, who is Rebel's sister, is going to be having pups with Harry. Fox Red and Yellow pups expected.

Bix is confirmed in Pup!

Bix and Jack are going to have puppies, They are due in Jan 2020. V. Excited for Bix who is Lexx's daughter

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Days left until Puppies born