GUNNBERREE is an Assured Breeder of Labrador Retrievers.
I have spent my life around dogs, in my junior years as a kennel boy to my grandparents racing greyhounds.

Gunnberree began with me spending many hours in the freezing fog on a winters day waiting patiently for someone elses dog that has been appointed the job of retreiving to return, whilst the whole time the dog had other ideas completely.

I embraced the breed like it was my own creation, I am continually trying to improve my pedigree and currently do not breed from dogs that are above a 10 hip score.

I joined their Accredited (now Assured) Breeder Scheme in 2005 and I pride myself for exceeding their guidelines and have taken health testing to the forefront of my pedigree

All our boys and girls are Hip Scored, Elbow Graded, have current BVA eye test clear and are DNA profiled.

Our dogs are chosen for temperament, looks (and as an Assured Breeder) most importantly health, they love people and CHILDREN and are great friends with other dogs.

So with our knowledge of breeding quality NICOLEE German Shepherds and my experience with working dogs we expect GUNNBERREE to be a quality line of dual purpose dogs!!